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“94% of business leaders agree that AI is critical to success over the next five years”

This was stated in the fifth edition of Deloitte’s research report


How to make you yourself visible to the most relevant customers on the market


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How to make efficient sales to customers that come to you

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You are stuck, disappointed, puzzled about how to grow your business, spending most of your time in the management of the processes or people, not satisfied with EBIT of your company, looking for more customers, or just interested in fresh ideas to boost, that is where we can start helping you

  • Marketing/Online presence
  • Sales/Conversion improvement/Revenue management
  • Excellence in operational execution/Labor efficiency
  • Strategy and business development
  • Analytics and AI-driven decision-making/Processes management
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  • Plumbing Services
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  • Electrical Services
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  • Garage Services
  • Roofing Services
  • Flooring Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Moving Services
  • Painter Services
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  • Number of employees > 10 employees
  • Annual turnover > $2M
  • Business relationship - B2C/B2B
  • Business models - Service/Sales/Production
About Us

We manage to apply AI for the correct & fast decision-making for small & medium businesses

We need more from our technology than automation or reporting. We need it to help us accurately plan, execute, and measure success with the certainty these times demand. We need decisions and insights powered by big data and AI, and we need them across the entire chain of the business process from the market to satisfied customer.

Whether it’s delivering a dead-on pipeline forecast, determining where to spend a tight budget, or knowing which messages will move the needle, data and AI are imperative for replacing ambiguity with clarity, trading hunches for predictability, and rejecting wasted time, money, and effort we’ve tolerated for far too long.

Our Cases

CASE: Online marketing optimization

Input data: Google Analytics, CRM leads data, actual advertising cost, split by channels. Period 2 years. The monthly marketing expenses were about $50K. The cost of a lead was $10-50, depending on the period and traffic source

Online marketing optimization

Outcome:  Tested and fixed conversion tracking issues. All traffic sources were checked and ROAS was calculated for each.

Reducing the share of the monthly budget for the least effective advertising channels and increasing it for the most effective. Total ROMI increased by 52%, and the number of orders increased by 24%

CASE: Call-center management

Input data: Correct customer – call center calls data for the period of 12 months (approx. 100,000 calls). Both inbound and outbound with the attributes (time, length, channel, agent, location, language, etc.

Call-center management

Outcome: IVR configured, call center personnel focus restructured, bonus system developed, AI developed. Regular feedback to advertising, fast decision making for manager, increased motivation of the people. Conversion from call to job increased from 16% to 31%

CASE: Technician team management

Input data:  Yearly data on the schedules of the team jobs on customer side. Starting from registering a job and assigning the technician till closing the job with all interim steps details.

Technician team management

Outcome: Established KPI for tech efficiency measurement. Bottlenecks eliminated, ERP/CRM adjusted, 20% of team replaced, 20% trained, Labor pipeline developed.  The number of jobs done per technician increased from an average of 120 to 180 per month. Average tech income increased by 50%. Motivation significantly increased based on interviews. The number of canceled jobs decreased from 8% to 3%.

CASE: Customer satisfaction improvement

Input data: Data on execution and planning of the jobs on customer side for 1 year period.

Customer satisfaction improvement

Outcome: “Ideal” job pattern designed. AI established to identify and propose resolutions.

Net Promoter Score increased on 12pts after 2 quarters. Recurrent customers’ share increased by almost 30%.


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    • Jhon Henrik
    • CEO & Founder

    I wanted to grow my company, but I couldn't chose right focus points. My friend recommended AIFB. I got clear view. Thank you

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    • Erika Lopez
    • CEO

    These guys come from the future. I really appreciate their help. They fix lots of big issues for me

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    • Bruno Matteo
    • CFO & Co-Founder

    This past year with AIFB we have reached eight number figures of Revenue. It was a strong challenge for us

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    • Luise Johnson
    • CEO & Founder

    We have doubled our sales month over four months since joining AIFB

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